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  • What are the Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain?

    The sciatic nerve springs out from the lower part of your spinal cord. Sciatica pain is usually felt when the sciatic nerve gets damaged because of a pinched nerve on or near the disc of the spine. The pain felt is characterized by a tingling sensation from the buttocks through legs.

    As mentioned, sciatic pain happens whenever the sciatic nerve which is situated at the rear part of the leg is damaged. The said nerve is responsible for lower leg and knee muscle control and giving your thighs, lower leg, and soles of the feet the ability to feel.

    Here are typical symptoms of sciatica pain:

    • Contracting feeling on thighs
    • Tingling sensation on the thighs and legs
    • Flaming sensation on the thigh
    • Pain on the buttocks to the legs

    Sciatica can be acquired by people from ages 30 to 50. The sciatic nerve, similar to other nerves, have two primary functions: one is to send indicators from your brain to your muscles; and two, pulls in sensory data from your legs and sends it back to the brain. People usually talks about sciatica as the trouble on the sciatic nerve, but the fact is, it is not really a sciatic nerve problem, it only becomes a trouble of the said nerve as it is being filched as it departs from the spine.

    Sciatic nerve damage is typically caused by pelvic fractures or trauma on the thighs and/or buttocks. This is often caused by posture problems such as lying and sitting for long hours, which little do we know slowly harms our sciatic nerve. Tumor and pelvic bleeding are also other reasons for sciatic nerve injury. Sciatic pain concentration really depends on the body part affected, but it can be from your lower back through your thighs, feet and toes. It can be further characterized by the following:

    • Leg pain, especially on the back part and can be felt the most when sitting
    • Tingling and burning feeling on the legs
    • Numbness and weakness of the legs
    • Continuous pain of the back and trouble standing up

    Sciatica is a troubling condition particularly if you don’t know the main cause of it. You will to be partially disabled. Fortunately, sciatica can be treated if diagnosed early. The first thing to remember when suffering from sciatica really is to have a complete bed rest. Repeatedly getting on and off the bed and being physically active can worsen the trauma on your nerve. Hot compress and hot baths can help ease the pain but make sure not to overdo it as doing so can aggravate the swelling. Some physicians also advise patients to use cold compress to the lower back region for 20 minutes every other hour which can be a bit of torture but will definitely help relieve the swelling.

    Several physicians prescribe oral medications which can be addictive. On the other hand, surgery is not advised until sciatica is on its severe condition. Some also say that surgery can further damage the nerve and can bring dangerous effects to the patient. New treatments such as laser spine treatments are now being used wherein the slipped disc is eradicated using laser, thus, freeing the nerve root from being impinged.

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