Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – Sciatica Treatment

Get rid of sciatic nerve pain forever


  • People suffering from sciatica pain, whatever their intensity of pain maybe, whether it is a back pain or involves the hips as well, or has traveled down to the legs, every sufferer wants the pain to reduce and best still end in any way possible.

    There are many options that can be opted for to relieve oneself of the excruciating pain including over the counter remedies that are temporary in nature, or use hot and cold packs to relieve the area of pain. Use of a longer lasting, almost permanent solution is through epidural steroid injections that are inserted through the spine injecting in cortisone. Moreover many stretching exercises and yoga have also been successful in relieving the pain to some extent. These stretching exercises by strengthening the muscles relieve them off pressure in the sciatic nerve area.

    Another successful way in relieving sciatic pain is the trigger point method. The basic idea of the therapy is to apply pressure on the affected area or the trigger point. To apply this pressure you can simply use your palm or a ball too. To start initially you can use small balls in your back and hips area and the pressure can be applied for a few seconds to many minutes according to your need and comfort. When applying pressure on your back you can use smaller balls or simply wrap a tennis ball in a thick cloth or a towel and use it on your back.

    In order to relieve the back pain you can lie on the floor and place these balls on both the sides of the spine preferably on midpoint or directly on the point of pain. Now move over these balls in a manner that they massage your back all the way down and around and then up again. Try relaxing through this procedure however if you experience any kind of sharp pain or some pain you may have not experience before stop immediately.

    You can also use the same technique to massage your pelvis and hips area in case your sciatic pain resides in these areas as well.  You can perform this massage with a ball placed in between your hips and a wall or even on the floor. You can start the massage by placing the massage ball on the tip of the spine and rotate it all the way down to both your hips and up. You can apply this technique of massaging for a few minutes as long as no additional pain is experienced. Also if you are unable to obtain any sciatic nerve pain relief or do not see any better results in your condition, discontinue the practice.

    For those of you who experience piriformis muscle pains massaging through the above mentioned way is beneficial to relieve or decrease the intensity of sciatic pain. You can also massage your buttocks or the muscles of the gluteus area through sitting and placing yourself on two balls placed on the center of every hip. Make sure you choose a soft ball for the purpose as all your weight would be balanced on these two balls and your hip and you would not want   any delicate muscle in the procedure. You can massage your way from the buttocks area to the upper part of thighs and back again.

    If you find the option of using balls too harsh you can also go for foam rollers which are easily available at almost every departmental store.

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