Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – Sciatica Treatment

Get rid of sciatic nerve pain forever


  • The procedure that sciatica patients go through is simply consulting a doctor who will prescribe certain pain relieving pills and some stretching exercises with promises that the pain will be gone in no time however that is often not the case. For those of you who are sick of the pain and are afraid that the situation might worsen and you might have to settle for the last resort that is to get operated, better think again on the alternative treatments before opting to go for the under knife treatment.

    Out of the available alternative treatments, acupuncture is one successful one. The concept of acupuncture is very clear to many people and most of you might have heard of the technique however the thought of serving as a human pin cushion may be uncomfortable to many.

    To make the experience more comfortable knowing more about the procedure helps a lot. Acupuncture is a science in itself that requires a lot of study and is done accurately by expert acupuncturists. It does not involve randomly pricking in needles rather it is done using a traditional healing method introduced by the Chinese. This method is known as the Traditional Chinese Medicine or in short form, TCM.

    The concept of TCM is that the energy that flows in the body traditionally known as Qi or Chi in some cases gets blocked or is locked in a certain area resulting in Sciatica pain. According to Chinese scholars the energy of the body flows through channels in the body which are known as meridians. When energy is blocked in a certain area causing pain the meridian which flows energy to that part is pricked by needles so that energy is released and the blockage is removed from the meridian thus stimulating the energy flow. As the interruption in energy flow is removed the body heals itself and the sciatica pain clears naturally.

    Modern science explains the phenomena of acupuncture as a possible way of reducing or relieving pain as the insertion or pricking of needles at certain nerve points may stimulate the human nervous system thus releasing hormones and chemicals that aid in alleviating pain in the area. Also there is belief that insertion of needles may stimulate blood circulation in the painful area and though sometimes pain is caused due to low or blocked supply of blood this method may work well in relieving pain in any certain area.

    The process of acupuncture is generally safe and many times the individuals going through the process experiences no pain at all whereas depending on individual situations some may feel minimal pain from a specific session. The only need is to be certain that the needles used are sterile in each session. Before you get on with the acupuncture process, make sure to check that your acupuncturist practices safe and healthy guidelines.

    So all this sums up to the conclusion that acupuncture is a safe alternative to relieve sciatica pain when confronted with a situation that ends up on the surgical table. Many patients who have undergone the process of acupuncture render it as an effective cure to all allergy problems along with many other conditions including relieving of pain.

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