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  • Sciatica Treatment With Massage Therapies

    The massage therapy has proven to be very beneficial for many sciatic patients and through applying the various different massaging techniques, conditions of sciatic pain that use to be worse have seen a much better situation. Special massages are available for sciatic pain in different areas of the bones especially for individuals that are bed ridden or face chronic sciatic problems. Whichever way of massaging you use in order to make it useful a daily massage should be taken to have a healing effect on the patient.

    The selection of the massage type depends purely on what type and level of Sciatica pain one is experiencing. The common types of massages range in between the Western and Oriental massages and before you opt for a certain massage be sure to consult an expert so that he or she can analyze according to your situation which massage will be more beneficial for you.

    The different types of massage techniques include psoas major, cross fiber friction, gluteus medius, quadrates lumborum and ischemic compression. Also experts are of the view that the sciatic nerve should not be meddled with a lot through applying these massages so caution should be taken. Even in situations where piriformis syndrome is suffered from special care is required to be taken when applying these massaging as the piriformis muscle is situated very close to the sciatic nerve. Every human has this sciatic nerve in their body and when this nerve gets inflamed a sharp pain is felt in the area. If the situation of the pain worsens a numbing pain is experienced in the sciatic pain affected area and also in some cases difficulty in moving of the leg is felt. By Piriformis syndrome it is meant that instead of going below the piriformis muscle the sciatic nerve goes through it which is referred to the condition.

    Also there are specific methods of massaging applied for sciatica patients out of which the most common one is the static compression method also known as the longitudinal strapping method. Using this technique an expert therapist of these massages can successfully reach to the muscular imbalance that is present in the human body. An expert massager is one that has the ability to reach every corner to the depth of the muscles. An expert massager applies the right amount of force on the areas to be targeted, further on rotators for hips and lower muscles of back are massaged to relieve the pain of sciatica patients.

    Also for any massaging session to be successful it is important that the massager and the customer share a healthy relationship. The main purpose behind this healthy relationship is to make the customer comfortable. Also the patient should share on how much benefit he has experienced in the session and when the pressure is used like how the patient feels and if the pain is relieved or reduced. With mutual cooperation new massage techniques can be found that can facilitate sciatica patients.

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