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  • Sciatic Nerve Stretches

    There are numerous reasons why one undergoes through the pain brought on by sciatica. It can be the outcome of a trauma to the nerve, piriformis syndrome, spinal tumors, slipped disc, pelvic region pressure brought about by pregnancy, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, and other factors. Since sciatic nerve is human body’s lengthiest nerve and the one responsible for maintaining proper function of the lower back, legs, thighs and feet, any trouble on this nerve can cause acute pain, weakness, prickling feeling as well as numbness on these lower body parts.

    Treating sciatica primarily involves oral medications, massages, as well as stretch exercises. A sciatica relief exercises are enumerated below. This routine is to be done regularly to bring maximum results and help ease the pain.

    The first thing to do before doing these exercises is to look for a flat surface, typically in a wide enough area where you can be free to move without any fear of hitting or bumping into things. After which, position your body on the floor having your knees and hands touch the ground. Then, gradually push your lower back upward, creating sort of an arch. Continue arching until you feel that the back is stretched.

    Try to find also a position that best stretches the lower back, and in the event you found it, stay on that position for 15 seconds or so, then pull back and go into a relaxed state. Repeat this for 10 times just to make sure that your back was perfectly stretched.

    All stretches really bring discomfort and back stretches is not an exemption. But as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain”, you got to do this regularly to see the results. Do this daily alongside with other stretching exercises and it will work wonders on easing your sciatic nerve pain.

    The problem with exercises really is that we find it hard to fit it in our daily schedule especially if they took hours. So the best thing you could do really is to allot some 15-30 minutes of your time daily doing your stretching exercises and you will see the difference in a few weeks.

    But then, keep in mind that doing exercises is not the sole solution to sciatica and only part of the puzzle when it comes to obtaining sciatic nerve pain relief.

    The primary thing you can do really is to identify those physical dysfunctions as well as muscular imbalances. Majority of us have some or even all of these and without even being aware of it. The things that can cause muscle dysfunctions include poor work habits, improper posture brought about by long hours of sitting or standing. These practices can pile up and in turn causes strain and eventually too much pain on your back.

    If you aim at treating sciatic nerve pain, it is important to determine not just the pain but to learn the causes of the muscular imbalances as well. Mere pain treatment is only temporary, and there is a large possibility for the pain to recur. In other words, if you want a long term solution, you got to target the root of the problem which is the muscular imbalances.

    A perfect sciatic nerve pain treatment will initially aid in pinpointing the muscular imbalances. This will be the key for the expert to be able to prescribe a effective exercises suited for your condition.

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