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    About is a website dedicated to providing info on a painful condition called sciatica. We try our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information and tips on how to obtain relief for sciatic nerve pain. We know how painful this type of back pain is as we too suffer from sciatica (Yes, this website is operated by 2 persons who are afflicted with sciatica pain). We are not technically qualified but we started this website so that we can share information that we obtained and also the many different methods that are available to treat sciatica.

    All About Sciatic Nerve Pain
    From what we know, disc problems in the spine are commonly the culprit sciatica and abstracted nerve. Sciatic nerve aggravation due to bulging or herniated disc often ends up to serious lower back as well as leg pain. In serious instances, the nerve might end up being pinched, or what they refer to as a ‘slipped disc’. The term does not imply the condition because in reality, discs cannot slip and they are secured on their places. Reading through this website though will help you learn more about pinched sciatic nerve including the necessary exercises to help ease sciatic nerve pain.

    The vertebrae or the huge spine bones are divided by spinal discs which act as cushions, absorbing possible stresses between these bones as we move. The spinal cord separates into several nerves. The nerve that goes through the back of calf and thigh is known as sciatic nerve and the inflammation of that nerve is referred to as sciatica. Sciatic nerve irritation or ‘a pinch’ on it causes severe leg and foot pain and in some instances, lower backache. Let us have a glimpse at the possible causes of sciatica.

    Possible Causes
    Among the potential reasons behind sciatic nerve pain are:

    • Lumbar spondylosis: Occurs when a vertebra moves over the other resulting to sciatic nerve irritation.
    • Spinal stenosis: A condition characterized by the spinal canal constriction which then leads to the irritation of a nerve root.
    • Spinal disc disease: Often happens when discs are dehydrated and stressed due to aging. This then leads to sciatica and backache.
    • Muscle strain: Happens when too much pressure is placed upon the muscles.
    • Piriformis syndrome: An irritation on the piriformis, a muscle on the buttocks, resulting to backache.
    • Spine Osteoarthritis: A condition where broken pieces of cartilage drift within the spinal joints leading to pressure, inflammation and irritation on the nerve.

    The symptoms of pinched sciatic nerve are the following:

    • Pain on the following areas: lower back, buttocks, leg, and foot
    • Prickling sensation on the leg and/or foot.
    • Numb feeling on the legs
    • Weakening of the legs and feet.

    Treatment Options
    Browsing through this site, you will also find information on the various sciatica pain relief methods that are currently being used to treat sciatica. Pinched sciatic nerve can be cured using medications and exercises. When you feel that you have the condition, you should immediately visit your doctor for further tests. If diagnosed with it, your doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatory and analgesics to ease the pain.

    Over-the-counter medications such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen assist in alleviating inflammation and pain brought about by pinched nerve. However, severe cases can only be treated by muscle relaxants such as codeine. Other treatments for severe sciatica include corticosteroid injections which provide immediate sciatica pain relief.

    As for exercises, sciatica can be relieved when you do stretching exercises that target back muscles, buttocks and back of the thigh or hamstring muscles. Doing this regularly will not only lessen the pain but also help prevent the recurrence of sciatica. Other forms of aerobic workouts such as swimming, riding stationary bikes, and walking can improve blood circulation and speeds up recovery from pain. It is important to treat sciatica as soon as possible, as severe cases may only be treated by surgical procedures.

    Since acute pinched sciatic nerve may last for days, a complete bed rest is required. This, however, will not aid recovery. The patient will need to engage into physical activities to stretch and boost strength of the muscles. The abdominal and back muscles provide support and protection to the spine’s joints, thus engaging in exercises that target these muscles will definitely speed up recovery. Doing stretching exercises made for pinched sciatic nerve on the other hand relaxes tight muscles and widening the vertebral spaces, providing more space for the nerves. Hot or cold compress while lounging on a good chair or bed, practicing proper posture while sitting and sleeping, getting yourself massages, passing up lifting activities, avoiding standing or sitting for long hours are other things you can do to cure as well as to keep sciatica from coming back.

    Do browse around our website and we hope that the information provided by can help you obtain relief for the excruciating sciatica pain. Do feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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