Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – Sciatica Treatment

Get rid of sciatic nerve pain forever


  • There are various Sciatic nerve exercises which you can practice to temporarily ease the pain. This article will basically devote on several exercises for you to feel better and make the pain go away in no time.

    Working Out Your Stomach
    You might be wondering how working out your tummy is related with the condition. Well, here’s how it works. A lot of exercises can actually aid you in easing the pain brought about by sciatica. Walking is the basic one to cure leg or foot numbness and is one of the easiest sciatic nerve exercises. Little people do know that crunches also work wonders in easing sciatic nerve pain. However, make certain to be careful on working out your abdominal muscles. Tingling sensation will help but too much of it will worsen your condition. Should you feel that this sciatic nerve exercise didn’t help you get better, then discontinue doing it. This might not be the right exercise for you.

    Lighten Your Hips
    The focus of this sciatic nerve exercise for sciatic nerve pain relief is the hip flexor. This muscle is responsible for aiding your lower back movements which can even be the culprit of your sciatic nerve pain. The objective of this work out is stretching your back muscles, not to be draining from sweat after the whole routine. The best initial position for this exercise is to be seated on the floor. Position your legs one foot apart. Stretch your hands in front, reaching as far as you can, better if you can reach your feet, but still okay if you can’t. Keep in mind that the point of this is to merely stretch your back, so try not to injure yourself by trying so hard to reach your toes. Then, repeat the whole routine while standing.

    Stretching the Piriformis Muscles
    Another good sciatic nerve exercise to ease sciatica is to work your piriformis, one of the muscles said to be responsible for sciatica pain and working it out might also help. I find this to be one of the hardest of the many Sciatic nerve exercises. With this routine, a chair will be needed. Sit on the chair assuming a proper posture. If sitting straight hurts, you might want to strive to endure it as doing this exercise properly determines its effectiveness. So once you are seated, stretch your legs forward as far as you can, so that is with your feet raised up above the floor. Try to stay on this position for 10 seconds, and then put it down. Next, pick one leg and try to cross that over the other leg, then lean forward. You might notice that your back pops, and if it’s not stern, then you can say you’re on the right track. Try to stay on this position for a couple of minutes, grabbing to the legs of your chair. Then, move your body up and sit back as straight as you could. If you can perform the whole routine, then you know you have successfully stretched your piriformis muscles.

    Allot a couple of minutes doing these Sciatic nerve exercises daily and you will surely experience relief as soon as possible.

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